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This Map shows:

Designated (STAA) access routes REQUIRED FOR TRAVEL within the state of Virginia by Twin-trailers, Triple Saddlemount combinations, and Automobile and Watercraft Transporters.

Restrictions on TRUCKS and other vehicles or vehicle combinations DUE TO LENGTH. Other restrictions or limitations due to weight, width, or height of vehicle or for incidents or constuction that may apply ARE NOT SHOWN ON THIS MAP. For structures posted with weight restrictions click here. A list of structures on state-maintained highways with weight, height, or width restrictions is available at For other limitations or restrictions due to incidents or construction see . For information on HAZMAT restrictions & general vehicle size, weight & equipment requirements contact DMV here.

NOTE: Contact individual cities, towns and Henrico and Arlington County’s for additional (STAA) access or restrictions that may apply within those jurisdictions.

WARNING: General-use, “off-the-shelf” GPS units do not recognize the above restricted or designated highways therefore the routings indicated by these units may include highways that are restricted to your vehicle.

For questions about designated (STAA) truck routes and vehicle length restrictions and using this map, contact VDOT's Customer Service Center at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623).

 Map Legend:

 Designated (STAA) Truck Routes

  Image displaying National Network routes.

National Network *

  Image displaying Virginia Qualifying Highways.

Virginia Qualifying Highways *

  Image displaying Virginia Access Highways.

Virginia Access Highways * *

Truck Restrictions

  Image displaying Trucks or other Vehicles Restricted.

Trucks or other Vehicles Restricted

  Image displaying Trucks or other Vehicles Not Recommended.

Trucks or other Vehicles Not Recommended

* One mile of access allowed off National Network and Virginia Qualifying Highways to access terminals and for fuel, food, rest, and repairs.

* * No travel is allowed off the Virginia Access Highways.

If you are experiencing problems with this application, please contact the Helpdesk at (866) 637-8482 or